Web development is a constantly changing industry, less than a decade ago chatbots or mobile browsing was barely thought of.  Today your business needs to keep up with trends if you want to keep your customers engaged.  So with 2019 just around the corner what can you expect in the world of web development?  Let’s have a look.

One Page Sites

One pages site are becoming more popular and for good reason.  They are incredibly easy for the end user, there is no navigation to worry about everything is on one page.  There is just one navigation tool that will bring you to the right part of the page.  One page sites work very well on mobile devices they are direct and to the point.

Get Ready for Mobile

Mobile traffic greatly outnumbers the number of desktop users and they will continue to do so.  So if you’re getting ready to build a site or if you need to revamp yours then it is time to start getting ready for mobile.  Not only is it important for users but Google has made it a priority as well.  Not long ago Google rolled out the mobile first index.  That means that Google will crawl and index the mobile portion of your site first.

Google has not only made mobile a priority they created the AMP project to make sure websites deliver an excellent mobile experience.  AMP is an open source project geared toward helping sites load faster by stripping out unnecessary code and delivering faster results to the user.


Chatbots will become more and more prevalent in 2019, you will see them on websites and business pages across social media.  Chatbots can act as you virtual customer service team.  Chatbots use AI to help you interact with your customers, they can answer simple questions, such as when your business is open and most people don’t even realize they are speaking with bot.  Here is how chatbots work.

The Internet of Things

If you haven’t heard of the internet of things, then it’s all those things that use the internet to connect to the physical world.  These are things like using your phone to adjust the thermostat in your house or to unlock your doors.  They use web protocols to connect to the all kinds of different things, think of smart homes as an example.

The web is constantly changing and these are just some of the things that you can expect coming up in 2019.  It will be an exciting year!